Category: Poetry

  • Rise


    Rise Above my fears and your misfortune Above your failure and my weakness Today could just become your day But first, you will need to rise again Rise To the tune of your glorious anthem And the rhythm of my solemn pledge To the challenge of restoring the ruins And the labour of saving your […]

  • Shadows


    Why do the shadows look bright, almost blood-red?Strange hues of orange, like fire dancing in the darkRemind us of the forgotten, whose blood were shedAnd of fires we stoke as attack dogs keep up the bark We forged strange friendships on the altars of deceitBroke up alliances with those who cared how we fareSo when […]

  • Joseph


    Though a solitary wanderer lost in foreign landsYet stayed true to the culture of my native homeThe blessings of my father were far much greaterThan amazing bounties found in everlasting hillsEminent among brothers, a prince among sonsHumbled by circumstances; loved by my fatherI found unusual favour with my Father above He who brought me out […]

  • Pain


    In the throes of pain, Nothing else matters more Than the irresistible allure Of good ol’ sweet relief. “Make it go away; make it Stop and never start again” You scream in agony. Your words turn to gibberish As the universe fades away Surely would pay any price To loose the gripping hold Of pain, […]

  • Rest (A Short Poem)

    Rest (A Short Poem)

    While older men are looking befuddled Little boys are playing with puddles The irony of humanity; ever under siege From desires that put our wisdom to test Sorrow grows with age and knowledge As people fail in the struggle to find rest Rest, my soul, in the eternal God alone.

  • Haiku


    I first read about Haiku (a short form of Japanese poetry) a few years ago and became fascinated with that style of poetry. I spent a good deal of time trying it on and even encouraged a few friends to try their hands on it – the outcomes were quite encouraging. I have recently tried […]

  • To The Immortal One

    To the Immortal One Who dwells in light unapproachable We bring our praise To the Invisible One Whose throne is founded on justice and righteousness We lift our hearts To the Unchangeable One Before whom darkness is plain as light We raise our hands To the Blameless One Whose holy eyes cannot behold iniquity We […]

  • Kindness


    It is the first time in years That we have a place to shelter Show us some mercy Do not expose our fears To those people who despise us Pray, look upon our faces And be merciful to us   Our journeys have been hard In the many places we have lived Give us some […]

  • Endurance


    Face down, body still, unsure what is next. Until the kneading slowly begins. And the pains flash in and out. It is bitter-sweet. You know you need it; you are sure you want it. But in the heat of the moment, you are undecided how you feel about it. Beaten down, to the barest ground. […]

  • People


    Funny Face made a silly joke Brown Tooth laughed hard as White Shirt became upset with The sudden loss of decorum Madam Counsellor spoke up as He wondered what was funny Reminding him that life is short And the days have been tough. Almost every one of them agreed The economy would be better off […]