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  • The Lady on the Train

    The Lady on the Train

    “In between glancing at her and shutting my eyes to take in the music I was listening to, I looked around at the rest of us, unemotional and blank as always.”

  • Day 28: Marriage Lessons #28DayChallenge

    Day 28: Marriage Lessons #28DayChallenge

    Finally, I have arrived at the end of this 28-day challenge, and I am so excited I made it to the final day! I’m proud of my persistence and grateful to God for inspiration. To wrap up this journey, I want to share 4 lessons I have learned from 4 years, 4 months, and 4 […]

  • Day 3: The Friend #28DayChallenge

    Day 3: The Friend #28DayChallenge

    Thanks for coming by today! This is Day 3 of my 28-Day writing challenge. Today, I want to talk a bit about friendships. I’ve enjoyed great friendships through the years, and I believe that is the product of divine blessing and a mutual commitment to one another’s growth that my friends and I possess. I […]

  • The Poet’s Song

    The Poet’s Song

    In the midst of affluence: poverty A seething storm threatening to destroy The stable comfort of the wealthy

  • On Repentance towards Others

    On Repentance towards Others

    In every healthy human relationship, there must be a good dose of a repentant attitude on both sides. We are constantly learning about each other, and finding out things about our friends, families and colleagues. If we are not disposed to “repent” or make changes, we are very likely to keep hurting or offending people […]

  • People


    Funny Face made a silly joke Brown Tooth laughed hard as White Shirt became upset with The sudden loss of decorum Madam Counsellor spoke up as He wondered what was funny Reminding him that life is short And the days have been tough. Almost every one of them agreed The economy would be better off […]

  • The Price

    The Price

    No more wordsCan be spoken.Power changed handsWhen MammonMoved from one to anotherAnd virtue’s roaringWas silencedWhile greed quietlyPrevailed as conscienceWas put to sleep.Tears arrive lateAs the long arms ofOf WickednessWreak untold havoc.The lambs can now be slainIn quietness:The price has been paid Toyin Taiwo, August 2020

  • A Woman’s World: Thoughts on Feminism

    A Woman’s World: Thoughts on Feminism

    Feminism is an extremely important subject in today’s world, one that draws as much ire as it draws adulation. Millions of people around the world are daily drawn into conversations around feminism, and the ever-increasing number of social media outlets makes this even more pronounced. Ordinary people from around the world can make meaningful contributions […]