Category: Poetry

  • The Price

    The Price

    No more wordsCan be spoken.Power changed handsWhen MammonMoved from one to anotherAnd virtue’s roaringWas silencedWhile greed quietlyPrevailed as conscienceWas put to sleep.Tears arrive lateAs the long arms ofOf WickednessWreak untold havoc.The lambs can now be slainIn quietness:The price has been paid Toyin Taiwo, August 2020

  • Peter’s Witness

    Peter’s Witness

    The voice came gently; a whisper in the windA miracle-working teacher called out to meI wonder if He knew how much I had sinnedSo I told him, “Lord, please go away from me”

  • Uninspired


    Have you ever waited for inspiration to come? Have you struggled to catch a whiff of fresh air before getting started on a project? Have you ever felt blank in your greatest moments of need, when it seemed everything depended on you getting an ingenious idea? Well, I suppose you have, and that you have […]

  • Peace


    “Stormy days and troubled nights are borneOnly by souls secured on an anchor eternalUnafraid, unshaken, and surely not dismayedThey ride the storms, sleep through the nights Darkness brings doubt, and shakings cause fearWhile some run around, others simply melt awayBut he who trusts the Lord is like Zion, unmovingSupported underneath by the Everlasting Arms”

  • The Market

    The Market

    Everything that has a beginning has an end. So, start with the end in mind. Tonight, I do not feel like writing many words. Yet I feel like I have a lot to say. So many unspoken words harboured in my mind, waiting to be given life and a purpose. I used to yearn to […]

  • Freedom


    “If the Son shall make you freeThen you shall be free indeed”Iconic words from the GodheadNo truer words were ever said Free men still slaves of their desiresAs the Enemy stokes the firesOf their lust and endless greedBut ‘tis the Truth that makes us free

  • A Crisis of Love

    A Crisis of Love

    Totally drained is how I feel:When your words ride over mineAnd our thoughts do not alignWhen your voice drowns under mineAnd our voices become hoarseFrom screaming silent expletivesIn vain: we became deaf to each other.

  • Unrequited Love

    Unrequited Love

    What do you do when the one you love, loves another? Do you plead for love, or quietly nurse your pain? Do you wait in hope, or just simply walk away? Do you silently pray and wish the ache would just abate? Or do you gather with friends and drink your sorrow away? Even though […]

  • Understanding the Times

    Understanding the Times

    “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Welcome, dear reader, to my blog 😊. Today, I am sharing on the vital subject of time. The verse of the Bible quoted above, arguably one of the most quoted verses or portions of the Bible, reveals a timeless […]

  • Thankful


    Hello! Welcome to my blog; I’m glad to have you here. I hope you enjoy this poem and hopefully, other posts. Don’t forget to like, leave a comment and share with others if you enjoy it. Cheers!     Sickness and tears; joy and laughter; sorrow and healthQuietly line your streets as the days slip awayFrom […]