Category: Seven-liners

  • To Break a Man

    To Break a Man

    No man was ever too hard for God’s Love to breakOnly by everlasting wisdom does He decide in Himself Who in His mercy He would draw to come see the LightAnd who in judgment He forsakes to depths of darknessIn the mire of his sins and hardness of his heartGod would easily convert the wicked […]

  • Covered by Love

    Covered by Love

    The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.” (Jeremiah 31:3) Here I am, lying in quiet contemplationAs you gently serenade my soulWith lyrics sung to an eternal tune.You speak peace to my stormsAnd bring an end to my fears.Your words stir my lukewarm soulAnd […]

  • A Tale of Time

    A Tale of Time

    The sweet chiming of bells; slow passage of timeCackling of chickens and chirping of cricketsRemind me of the future we once dreamt aboutThe story of my life: a true motion pictureFar more to tell than that which meets the eyesMuch harder to sell in cold weather than iceHold your thoughts: this is a commercial break […]

  • Joseph


    Though a solitary wanderer lost in foreign landsYet stayed true to the culture of my native homeThe blessings of my father were far much greaterThan amazing bounties found in everlasting hillsEminent among brothers, a prince among sonsHumbled by circumstances; loved by my fatherI found unusual favour with my Father above He who brought me out […]

  • Pain


    In the throes of pain, Nothing else matters more Than the irresistible allure Of good ol’ sweet relief. “Make it go away; make it Stop and never start again” You scream in agony. Your words turn to gibberish As the universe fades away Surely would pay any price To loose the gripping hold Of pain, […]

  • Rest (A Short Poem)

    Rest (A Short Poem)

    While older men are looking befuddled Little boys are playing with puddles The irony of humanity; ever under siege From desires that put our wisdom to test Sorrow grows with age and knowledge As people fail in the struggle to find rest Rest, my soul, in the eternal God alone.

  • Kindness


    It is the first time in years That we have a place to shelter Show us some mercy Do not expose our fears To those people who despise us Pray, look upon our faces And be merciful to us   Our journeys have been hard In the many places we have lived Give us some […]

  • People


    Funny Face made a silly joke Brown Tooth laughed hard as White Shirt became upset with The sudden loss of decorum Madam Counsellor spoke up as He wondered what was funny Reminding him that life is short And the days have been tough. Almost every one of them agreed The economy would be better off […]

  • The Market

    The Market

    Everything that has a beginning has an end. So, start with the end in mind. Tonight, I do not feel like writing many words. Yet I feel like I have a lot to say. So many unspoken words harboured in my mind, waiting to be given life and a purpose. I used to yearn to […]

  • A Crisis of Love

    A Crisis of Love

    Totally drained is how I feel:When your words ride over mineAnd our thoughts do not alignWhen your voice drowns under mineAnd our voices become hoarseFrom screaming silent expletivesIn vain: we became deaf to each other.