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  • Nigeria and the Ethnic Bias

    I love Nigeria. Her diversity, composition, cultures and spirit. Yes, her spirit. There is a Nigerian spirit – an attitude of tenaciously holding on and pushing forward in the toughest of times and persevering through the most difficult situations. We have learnt how to make ourselves happy whatever the situation and laugh in the face […]

  • Save the Babe!

    Save the babe! The one who never lived Have her head shorn Cuddle her in your arms Pray for her survival – that she’ll live through this storm Though we know she never lived She never was born at all Clothe her, feed her, keep her feet warm, play with her, talk to her Do […]

  • A Race Against Time

    Originally posted on Chronicles of a Journeyman:
    Slowly he trudged, his journey lay ahead Bleakly he looked, hoping to see the end Armory at hand, his frail soul to defend Pains around his body, aching in his head ? His fragile soul was famished, looking for a sign All his strength focused, on finishing the…

  • Wonder

    When evening shadows grow pale And the noise of the day’s hustle fades into a hum When darkness decends over the busy city And devout men in various attires Head in response to houses of prayer I sit in meditation of Your awesome wonder Wondering if you are listening to my heart   Broke and […]

  • Celebrate the Difference

    Yellow. And Red Green. And Blue Cream. And Coffee Milk. And Chocolate White and Black and You and Me And everything that’s in between Contrast and complement Within the space that fills the earth. The space. That fills That occupies. Unseen Untouched. Unmoved. Unchanging. Unending Transforming. Upending So we are treading. Softly Unknowing. Uncertain We […]

  • Exert Yourself

    As we run our race, it is important to cultivate the art of exerting ourselves. No one will prosper greatly who does not exert himself in his profession. This statement is especially true of Christians. We must exert ourselves in studying the word of God, every man for himself, and in continuous prayers, every man […]

  • Purpose Talk

    My purpose in life is pretty straightforward, and one way to put it is this: to represent God as accurately as possible to my generation. In that regard, I am on a journey of faith, and a work in progress. I say “journey of faith”, because representing God to my generation is a continuous task […]

  • Please Endure your marriage…again I say endure!

    Originally posted on akinwunmiakowonjo:
    Looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising its shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2 Goosh! It feels like forever since I have been here! If this were a…

  • Choose, Now!

    You do not have all the time To choose to do right in life If you think good today Then do it right away   At first you feel you’re young All in shape and strong But soon you’re old and frail And can do nothing again   You thought your days were plenty But […]

  • NET

    I carefully attempted to find my way through the messy puddle that the road had become, because of the rain. The same rain was responsible for my plight: having to find my way on foot through this long distance. The buses were not moving because of the hold-ups caused by the messy roads that the […]