Save the babe!

The one who never lived

Have her head shorn

Cuddle her in your arms

Pray for her survival – that she’ll live through this storm

Though we know she never lived

She never was born at all

Clothe her, feed her, keep her feet warm, play with her, talk to her

Do everything you can to make her stay alive

Just make sure she does not die

Though she in fact, is not living at all

She is not a foetus, not a still born, has no identity, has no name

She has no form, no nature, no stature, no posture, no future

She has no life except in Utopia

She is the dream that did not come to life

But keep her alive; don’t let her die

Now she’s crying; maybe she needs food

Or maybe she’s pooed

Check her diapers; make sure she’s dry

I’ll buy you two packs of medium-sized Pampers

So change her diapers if you need to

Now she’s quiet, now she’s still

Make sure she’s alive

Check her pulse; feel her temperature

Don’t let her grow cold

Save her if you can

Do everything you can

Save this babe, oh please save this babe of ours!

Call the doctor! Where’s the nurse?

We’ll pay you one million naira

It’s everything we’ve got

Just be sure to save this babe of ours

Please don’t let her die!

Now we’re waiting; now we’re hoping

Hoping it’s a dream. Or an illusion

From which we’ll awake

To find that this babe, this precious babe of ours

Did not die after all

Though we know she never has lived

But we keep living in the hope

That one day she finally will live

Toyin Taiwo © 2015

3 responses to “Save the Babe!”

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  2. Toni Olatunji Avatar
    Toni Olatunji


    1. radicaltoyin Avatar

      Glad you liked it!

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