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  • The Son of Man

    He stands alone outside the gates Spreading his hands for all to see He speaks the words of life in parables Calling for all to come to him Whoso will come and then believe Shall be saved and never die But those that don’t believe in Him Will be judged by words they heard The […]

  • Changing Homes

    This is not my home. This is the first reaction I had when I got there. There is that instinctive feeling of recognition that comes into one’s mind – recognition of your own turf when you find it, and of a strange place when you get there. The strange place may even be where you […]

  • Welcome to my world!

    So I figured I’d have to start getting out the thoughts and ideas that constantly crowd my mind, and this is the result. I hope you have a nice time looking around. Once again, you are welcome!