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  • Dark Night

    Dark Night

    The gang I swore never to join, I now lead“Prophesy to us, loser”, they taunt“Which one of us will betray you next?”

  • COVID Year

    COVID Year

    It’s the year of the Virus, a special seasonWhen women and men are kept in isolationAnd cities are locked down in fearful dismay. People are proud to mind the distanceAs others descend into the abyss of hunger.The hours fly by as the days roll into weeksAnd weeks blend into months of the year. But this […]

  • Fading


    Like the stars at dawn,The dusk of the weary night,He’s fading away.

  • The Finger of God

    The Finger of God

    The finger that wrote on the wall in Babylon Mysterious words wise men could not decode That wrote on the temple grounds in Jerusalem Unspoken words law teachers could not decipher

  • iLaryea


    “Taiwo…you…I don’t know…I don’t know….you, you are becoming complacent.”   He said no more than that. And that was the first time I heard the word ‘complacent’. I hurried to my dictionary as soon as I got back to the dormitory later that afternoon, and checked out the meaning of the word. What I stumbled […]

  • He Found Love

    He found comfort In the arms of a man. With a man like himself Is where his fragile heart Found a home. It was not in the bosom Of wayward young ladies Or stubborn, rebellious housewives That he found acceptance. He found love in a fellow man. It was the strangest thing ever, A taboo […]

  • A Song for Me

    A Song for Me

    Dedicate a song to me In the day of your victory Because I was there for you Through the night Fists tightly clenched in dread Sweat dripping from your head

  • Nothingness

    If we take a journey and come To where you said you are, You will not be there In fact, you will not be anywhere We will be unable to tell Where you are, or who you are, Or if at all you do exist We will doubt all the words We heard you speak […]

  • Stay

    Originally posted on Chronicles of a Journeyman:
    “Welcome home. You will stay now, won’t you? While you were away I hardly slept Countless were the vigils I sorely kept Now that you are home, I pray you will stay” ? “While I crossed the sea I was thinking of you Deep, wide and endless, matched…

  • The Quirky One

    I am The Quirky One Who dances in the kitchen Who sings in the bathroom And hums all day at work Who grins from ear to ear At strangers on the road And laughs alone on my bed In the middle of the night Toyin Taiwo © 2016