Yellow. And Red

Green. And Blue

Cream. And Coffee

Milk. And Chocolate

White and Black and You and Me

And everything that’s in between

Contrast and complement

Within the space that fills the earth.

The space. That fills

That occupies. Unseen

Untouched. Unmoved.

Unchanging. Unending

Transforming. Upending

So we are treading. Softly

Unknowing. Uncertain

We are reeling. Weakly

Unloving. Unforgiving

In cycles of Love and Hate

We cough up what we ate

Now needless. Now endless.

Now beginning. Now ending

Now returning. Newly starting

From the beginning of beginnings

Arriving. Finding

Traces of nothing

It never was to start with

You started. And finished

All alone in the darkness

Because you chose to

Loathe the difference

Between us. The difference

Between You and Me

Toyin Taiwo © 2016

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