Purpose Talk

My purpose in life is pretty straightforward, and one way to put it is this: to represent God as accurately as possible to my generation. In that regard, I am on a journey of faith, and a work in progress.

I say “journey of faith”, because representing God to my generation is a continuous task on a day-to-day basis. I may get it right one day, and get it wrong the next, but I continually strive by the working of Christ in me to get it right every day, every moment. The element of faith in that journey implies that I cannot trust in my power or ability to achieve this task. Rather, I have to depend continuously on the power of Christ at work in me to always get it right.

I say “work in progress”, because my ability to represent God accurately improves as I continue day after day, to spend time reading God’s word and talk to Him in prayer. If I stay true to that course, I will become better at making decisions that reflect the true nature of Christ within me. I will also become better at telling the difference between the things that matter to God, and the things that do not, what pleases Him, and what does not.

I started out on this journey when I received the life of God into my heart by accepting Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. And it will be a continuous journey of faith and work in progress till I return to my Maker.



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