Dedicate a song to me

In the day of your victory
Because I was there for you

Through the night
Fists tightly clenched in dread
Sweat dripping from your head

I was there in the day of fear
In the day we could not see ahead
When the future was not clear

I sang you a song, remember?
A song of consolation, a song of hope
You said it was comforting: a big relief

We nibbled at our fingernails
And shared stories from the past
And laughed at our nervousness

There and then I knew
Somewhere deep inside of me
That the night was not going to last

I know people do not ask
To be remembered if they’re worth it
But pardon me this one time

And dedicate a song to me
For now I am, as once you were
In my darkest hour of the night

Toyin Taiwo © 2017

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