The finger that wrote on the wall in Babylon
Mysterious words wise men could not decode
That wrote on the temple grounds in Jerusalem
Unspoken words law teachers could not decipher

Fingers that formed the human body from dust
And made a living creature out of ordinary earth
That shaped muddy clay into eyes for the blind
That gave sight and life to the blind and the dead

Those fingers, on sacred hands bearing the scars
Of a saviour crucified for the sins of his people
Spread wide waiting to receive in open embrace,
Lost sons and daughters who will return home

For sin and shame, gave forgiveness and glory
And traded weakness for excelling strength
Instead of pain, these fingers give eternal joy
And to all who believe, they give life in abundance

Those same fingers: tender, merciful and kind
Stretch out from heaven, clear across the sky
And reach out to us from the heart of a Father
Giving healing to the sick and strength for the weak

2 responses to “The Finger of God”

  1. Tony Atambi Avatar
    Tony Atambi

    Finally made it to your blog! Well done, P. Toyin. I did enjoy reading this.

    1. radicaltoyin Avatar

      Yaaaay!!! Tony made it here! Thank you bro…I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Sure your little one is doing great!

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