Like the stars at dawn,
The dusk of the weary night,
He’s fading away.

Waxing brighter by the second,
But really fading away.
Shining on the outside,
Dying on the inside.
Ticking all the boxes,
Failing where it matters.

Every shade of brightness,
Nothing but a smokescreen
To hide the rot
To look the part
To stay afloat
And feel among.

How does one fade away
While full of many deeds?
He believed a lie,
Fell prey to a farce
Chased shifting shadows
Relished endless vanities.

Like the prey in the wild
He lives only to be caught
His foot set in slippery places
Held only by divine pleasure
For a day of judgment,
And reward for every deed.

While that day delays
He is unable to see
That he fades away.

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