A Race Against Time

Slowly he trudged, his journey lay ahead

Bleakly he looked, hoping to see the end

Armory at hand, his frail soul to defend

Pains around his body, aching in his head


His fragile soul was famished, looking for a sign

All his strength focused, on finishing the journey

He had nothing left; he’d spent all of his money

But he had this resolve: to see the finish line


Along came a traveler, a fellow journeyman

He too seemed exhausted, tired to the bone

They began to discuss, both talking in a drone

Our friend did not inquire, about the strange man


They traveled on together, sharing their pain and sorrow

But time soon revealed, the person of the stranger

For soon he condescended, to eating from a manger

And then put off his journey, until an unknown morrow


He put our friend in danger, a state of real confusion

For he began to dither, over his fallen friend

But soon he realised, all things were at an end

And so picked up his journey, bringing it to conclusion


Finally as he ended, though he had not a dime,

Yet his soul was comforted, knowing he’d overcome

He had a lot of trouble, all of through which he’d come

To finish up his journey, a race against time

Toyin Taiwo © 2012

The Martyr

Why did you do it? Why did you deny him?

You said you knew him not, yet he sprung out of you

You said he was a stranger, although he bore your mark

You even called him alien, while he still bore your name

You turned away from him, though he clung to you still

And through your wicked elders, you sent him to his grave

Oh you ancient city of martyrs, why did you do it?


Why did you do it? Why did you put him away?

Together you sat in council, deciding on his fate

You hired false witnesses, to confirm him a sinner

And brought forth false evidence, indicting him the more

You shut your eyes and ears, while they dragged him away

To have his blood splattered, down by the sacred river

Why, oh tell me, why did you do it?


Why did you do it? Why did you wash it away?

You watched in silent horror, as they dragged him towards you

And tied him to the great taproots, that extend into you

They spilled his blood by you, the blood of the blameless

You washed it all away, taking with you his memories

Yet you moved on in silence, as if nothing had happened

Tell me, oh you sacred river, why did you do it?

Toyin Taiwo © 2012