You are my poem, a thousand words spinning meaning without reason, reason without meaning

You are my prayer, a desire stronger than the longing of Jabez, deeper than the groans of Shiloh

You are my passion, a fire burning in the inner recesses of the heart, consuming anything in its path


You are my Father, source from which I sprang, laying the foundation for all that I will become

You are my mirror, revealer of the truth, refuting every lie and deception about my identity

You are my hero, conqueror of the universe, traversing the lengths and breadths of your territory


You are my dream, reminding me of moments gone by, calling me to another life and existence

You are my hope, sustaining my desire to live and love, defying the reaches of logic and reason

You are my love, fulfilling the deepest needs of my heart, satisfying my highest expectations in life


You are my past, shadows of darkness stalking the brightness of day, never to catch up with the light

You are my future, linings of silver bordering glorious days of hope, forever a vision in the night

You are my present, thunders of trouble and whispers of peace, ever dwelling within my sight


You are my friend, sharing my pain and sorrow, joy and pleasure, standing as a partner for life

You are my foe, hunting my soul and seeking my loss, rejoicing to find me in the midst of strife

You are my neighbour, lending a hand in time of need, supporting a brother when trouble was rife


Whatever you are, whoever you may be, always remember – you are mine

Toyin Taiwo © 2012

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