In the throes of pain,
Nothing else matters more
Than the irresistible allure
Of good ol' sweet relief.
"Make it go away; make it
Stop and never start again"
You scream in agony.

Your words turn to gibberish
As the universe fades away
Surely would pay any price
To loose the gripping hold
Of pain, as neural connections
Send signals to your brain:
"The dam is almost burst".
But soon as pain is gone
Its memory starts to fade
And its gravity dissipates
What was a "live-or-die"
Becomes a "we-survived"
As people boast of victory
Over the struggles they had
Though never forgotten
Yet never as forceful
The only power it holds
Is the fear of its return
Which we easily relegate.
Pain loses its potency
Once it is gone away.

Toyin Taiwo, Sep 2020

6 responses to “Pain”

  1. Helen Umegbewe-Ene Avatar
    Helen Umegbewe-Ene

    Taiwo the talented…
    Nice and very true words..very on point. Thanks for being an inspiration. Stay blessed

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      My good Madam!
      Thanks for coming by…and for your kind words. 😊

  2. Ikeh Myiralobari Avatar
    Ikeh Myiralobari

    My brother man, you’re just amazingly amazing in wisdom. Yeah, man will always see himself as a conqueror afterwards. Hopefully, the pains never returns! God bless you.

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Amen. Thank you sir!

  3. 'Shannabel' Avatar


    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Thank you, Shannabel! 😁

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