The greatest treasures anyone can ever have are people. We are also the greatest trials we can ever experience. I write today to ask you to value the gift of people in your life, to pray for them and nurture them. Loyal and supportive, reliable and faithful, dependable and honest – people with the right disposition are the greatest blessings you can ever experience. The reverse is also true – people with the wrong disposition are the worst experiences you can ever have. And so, a crucial life skill we all require is the capacity to discern people rightly and respond to them correctly.

We all have the tendency to focus on our dreams and desires, but the greatest blessings from God above come to those whose lives are focused on serving others and making them better. From the simple things like calling to check up on others, to bigger things like offering strength and support in times of difficulties, our lives take on more meaning as we lay it down as a sacrifice through service to others. They find great fulfillment whose service to humanity is at the core of their profession, but all of us must give a part of our lives to serving and helping others.

We will all have negative encounters with people throughout our lives. But we must not allow our hearts to become soured or bitter because of past experiences. All experiences are a part of our formative process and we need to learn to pray for others – whether they have hurt us or helped us. Prayer helps us position our hearts right before God and bring healing where we may have been wounded. Prayer also helps us grow in wisdom and become better people ourselves as we navigate future relationships. Do not let one experience define you; open your heart to God in prayer.

Loving and serving people can hard and demanding, even when they are not being nasty or wicked to you. It can also be draining, depending on your emotional capacity. But it can be deeply satisfying and rewarding. More than that, it is what God has commanded us to do. No single one of us was created for ourselves. All of us were created to bring God praise and be a blessing to other people. So, let us get on with it. Remember that people are made to be loved and served, not used or abused. And when they get on your nerves, pray for them. Till next time, remain blessed!

8 responses to “On Loving People”

  1. Iwayemi Avatar

    Nice reminder bro

    1. seyi Avatar


      1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

        Thanks for coming by! 😊

  2. Tosin Avatar

    Wow. This is a very important reminder for us Christians. As we usually forget that it is really more blessed for us to give than to receive- because it’s a training to love God !!

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Absolutely, Tosin! We are often tempted to focus on what we can get, but “it is more blessed to give…” That statement drives the message home!

  3. Oge Akinshola Avatar
    Oge Akinshola

    Word of wisdom…. More grace

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Amen. Thank you sir!

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