Failed ventures; broken dreams
A lively city bursting at its very seams
As many mingle sweat and tears
Midday darkness crawls o’er your fears
Tho’ at night you nearly fall apart
Yet by morn never failing to look the part
The day dawns: “March on, my heart”

Tall orders are met with shortcomings
Old products come with brand new offerings
A voice of reason; a message of faith
The week is over; move on to the eighth
When hope stays married to despair
Those who live next door must always beware
Each day a story: “I need me some air”

Here one moment; gone the next
Wounded by those you trusted the best
Denied a chance to be all you could
Untold stories in every neighbourhood
We draw a curtain over all things past
But light shines through; as loud as a blast
An enduring message: “Stand tall like a mast”

Toyin Taiwo, June 2020

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