Raging winds shall soon be still
Bowing to the Father’s perfect will
Child of God, let your heart be still
And set your eyes on Calvary hill

I speak to the weak: your strength will be restored, as you look up to the Lord. You may feel like you have expired, but there is a lot left in your life. Great times are ahead of you; you just need to draw from the everlasting well of life and renew your inner strength for the journey ahead.

I speak to the hungry: you will be filled. Your hunger will not last longer than you can bear. You must not resort to ungodly means to get your food, but God will provide a means for you to be sustained. And as you apply yourself diligently to work, you will have enough to share with others who lack.

I speak to those who mourn: you will be comforted. The Lord will spare you sorrow upon sorrow and give you double for all you have lost. The Spirit of Christ will restore your joy and give you peace in times of suffering. You will be greatly comforted so you can share comfort with others who mourn.

I speak to the distressed: troubled times do not last, but people of faith do. They ride the waves of every crisis, and trust God through challenging situations. They believe God is still good to them, even when things do not look so good. You will yet see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.

I speak to the angry: still your thoughts before the Lord. Whatever makes you angry is not worth your peace of mind. The Lord will give you understanding that will change how you see things. You will no longer be offended but will be loving and accommodating as your heart is enlarged.

I speak to the hopeless: your former expectations will be met. Events may have happened that made you give up on your expectations and settle for little or nothing. But God gives good hope to his children and grants their desires in accordance with his plan for their lives.

Finally, I speak to the persecuted: what you suffer for your faith is nothing compared to its worth. That is why trials have come to afflict and depress you. Do not let the enemy of your faith steal your precious faith in Christ Jesus. Stand fast in the truth, and you will win life.

Toyin Taiwo, June 2020

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