For we live by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7)

My son fears being alone in the darkness, but he does not fear darkness. He is unmoved if the lights go off while he is in my arms. He knows Daddy has got him. It is amazing that we as God’s children allow fear in our hearts for any reason. It is either we do not know who our Father is, or we are not sure he is with us. This is the essence of living by faith – having proof that you possess things you hope for, evidence of things you cannot yet see. Our very salvation is hinged on the message of faith.

It is the unbelievable contradiction that the atheist cannot live with – proof by belief. For him, belief ought to follow proof. But we only produce proof by first believing. An assurance that you have things you cannot see comes only by hearing news – news that tells you things you have not yet seen, like good news from a faraway land. And this is what the gospel is: good news from a faraway land. It is the refreshing story of God’s love told in heaven, manifest on earth and revealed to men.

Who would have believed that God has a Son, much less give him to be crucified for the sins of all men? And who would believe that the death of one man provides eternal atonement for the sin of every man? It is the irrational logic accepted by everyone who clings to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting in nothing else but the blood of his cross. And by this cross, we are saved and separated from this world of sin, a world ruled by the Prince of darkness, who obtained it by deception.

To every man, we bring the truth: Christ died for the sins of many, so that everyone who believes will not suffer the eternal wrath of God, but through Christ will experience eternal salvation from the power and consequences of sin. Every sinner, who would dare to believe this, is given the power to begin living a new life through Christ. This is the solemn truth we steadfastly uphold and commit to live for – living a life of consecration to the one who delivered us from sin and gave us new life in Him.

If we have believed all of this, and anchored our life, as it were, on an invisible rock hidden behind the veil, why should we hesitate to believe that God will take care of us? Why should we ever doubt if things will work together for our good? Why should we ever worry that we will be defeated in life? We are born victorious, and we have our Lord’s assurance on that. So, let us be of good cheer, and smile with confidence, that we are kept by God’s power, and all things are working for our good.

Toyin Taiwo, May 2020

2 responses to “The Christian’s Modus Operandi (MO)”

  1. Mara MM Avatar
    Mara MM

    Lovely way to explain fear from the view of confidence a child has whilst sat i their parents lap as light go out !

    1. radicaltoyin Avatar

      Thank you. It certainly was an interesting observation for me.

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