Hope you are keeping well, and doing everything to stay safe in this COVID-19 era? I pray that you and yours will continue to remain in good health and prosper.

We all have something or someone to be thankful to God for, and it is always is a great idea to celebrate those people that are special to you. So, this one, is for my little boy. His name is Ayomide, meaning “My joy has come” in Yoruba language. Here goes:

A bundle of joy, of pure unadulterated joy
Wrapped in a carefully crafted fragile frame
Cradled like a special gift from abroad, designed
To be handled with loving care and tender firmness

You came to us weeping as newborn babies do
Stirring our hearts to tears, tears of unspeakable joy
Your voice – ringing now with laughter, as it then
Rang with cries – a daily reminder of God’s love for us

A bundle of blessing, sent from heaven above
Thousands of kilojoules, packaged in a little body
You disrupt our lives and home in ways we adore
But most assuredly, we’d have it no other way

Now laughing, now crying, now playful, now cranky
We are ever thankful to God for this blessing
And for every day we set our eyes on you
We think of nothing but our Father’s boundless love

Toyin Taiwo, 2020

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5 responses to “Ayomide”

  1. Jide Bello Avatar
    Jide Bello

    This is beautiful, bro. Both an ode to your son and also an expression of gratitude to God for Ayomide as a gift. I think it’s not too early to start reading this to Ayomide’s hearing. Well done.

    1. radicaltoyin Avatar

      Thanks, bro! That’s a great idea there….I hope he’ll be still enough to listen through. Man is hyper these days…😄

  2. Samuel Efosa Davis Avatar

    That smile,
    The story that no pixel can tell,
    Eyes like pearls
    They melts your heart, like ice cream hugging flames.

    Totally love this!
    And I can relate!

  3. Day 27: Ibukunoluwa #28DayChallenge – Chronicles of a Journeyman Avatar

    […] for my first son, Lemuel Ayomide, who was a little over a year old at the time. You can read it here. Now I have written one for Samuel who turns 1 in a few days (and who I call Little Lion). […]

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