You do not have all the time

To choose to do right in life

If you think good today

Then do it right away


At first you feel you’re young

All in shape and strong

But soon you’re old and frail

And can do nothing again


You thought your days were plenty

But then you say in pity

“I am only one among many

And my days are not many”


The choice to do what you think

No longer rests with you alone


If you must make a difference

Then you must act in time

For the days are soon coming

When you can do but little


Then you only hope and pray

Others will do what is right


If you are one and limited

And have a mind that’s righteous

Then spread the word to others

And multiply yourself


Choose to do right today

And help someone do it too

So when your days are ended

You’ll be glad how you spent them

Toyin Taiwo © 2012

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