Does Jesus really understand my struggles? Can he actually relate when I am torn between choices or struggling to obey God’s will? Does it make sense to Him or does He shake his head in disdain as I start to lean towards wrong choices? How do I receive His grace?

In the build up to His crucifixion, we see Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, agonizing in prayer. His purpose was just ahead of Him, yet the weight of what was about to happen was very real to Him. In His prayer of surrender, we see that he needed divine strength to embrace God’s will. He knows what it means to struggle…and how to draw on God’s grace…through surrender to God.

Can God really do it? Can He really put songs of joy in a heart that has borne sorrow for so long? Is He actually able to turn my captivity around in one day and set me free like a bird to roam? How do these things happen? How does God prepare a table in the wilderness?

When caught up in life situations that squeeze us out, we may be forced to ask deep, honest questions about what God can or will really do. If we focus on our trials, we may actually wonder if and how God will give us victory. But if we set our minds on what God says in His word and what He has done in the past, some comforting truths emerge.

Jesus’ empathy and God’s power are clearly revealed in the Bible. If you do not read it carefully, you may doubt Him. But if you read and understand it, calling to mind Jesus’ humanity and God’s power as revealed, there will be no question in your heart as to how Jesus relates with us in our moments of weakness, or what miraculous power is available to turn our situations around.

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