Totally drained is how I feel:
When your words ride over mine
And our thoughts do not align
When your voice drowns under mine
And our voices become hoarse
From screaming silent expletives
In vain: we became deaf to each other.

It takes so much away from me:
This madness that we practice
When, though present, we are absent
Though feeling but uncaring
Each one looks out for himself
Forgets about the other’s existence 
And lives only for their own pleasure.

So let us make a pact, you and I:
To seek only the other’s good
And listen far more than we speak
Weather the storm of raw emotions
And put afore our true convictions
Regardless what is our condition
To bring out the best of each other

Toyin Taiwo, July 2020

4 responses to “A Crisis of Love”

  1. Oluwatomi Kayode Avatar

    Love this! Thank you for this poem sir.

    Truly, love would be so much better if we look after the betterment of the other person. That’s what God does through His word and Spirit; He is all for us being our best.
    And no wonder, He is love after all.

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Touché! You’re on point, Tomi!
      He is the greatest and truest definition of Love!

  2. Daniel Adeyinka Avatar
    Daniel Adeyinka

    “…regardless what is our condition
    to bring out the best of each other”

    Yes! True love brings out our best

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more.

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