I am a Master, a GrandMaster.


I don’t master pieces of classical music,

Or make classic moves with immobile chess pieces

Nor do I build or create art masterpieces.

But I dwell in peace with dozens of faces

Surrounding me daily, having inner peace

As I gently traverse life’s slowly morphing phases

While travelling through multiple places

In my journey across the various stages

Of a transient existence. Changing ages,

Slowly but surely turning different pages

Of the book, that is my personal story


While becoming a Master, a GrandMaster


Working and living, learning daily to live

On generous salaries and meagre wages.

Growing in leaps as I strive to walk in love

With frowning bosses and smiling buddies;

Icons of discipline and paragons of deceit

I have become a master at making faces.

Mastering daily how to abound in many graces

Of faith towards God, and charity towards men

In knowledge increasing, in utterances abounding

As wisdom grows deeper and vision gets clearer

With discernment as a tool, daily navigating.


I have become a Master, a GrandMaster.


Take it or leave it, love me or hate me,

I keep navigating this plane of existence

Pushing the limits, searching out mysteries

Defining new boundaries as I find new dimensions.

Driven by a passion that finds expression

In worship of the King, who is truly deserving

Of the praise and glory duly given Him.

Always in contentions, mostly spiritual

Seeking direction only from the Most High

With a focus on the goal, and my eyes on the prize

Of the upward calling of my Lord and my God.


Who is the true Master, the real GrandMaster.


Toyin Taiwo, 2016.

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