Liar! Liar!! From whence did you proceed?

Clothed with falsehood as with a garment

You make a prey of the gullible and innocent

Holding him captive with tales that exceed

The limits of truth and possible realities

You nurture him with words that spring

Out of your poisoned and deadly mind


Liar! Liar!! Who was she that bore you?

And for whom did she conceive you?

Spinning webs of deceit from strings of lies

Like the renowned makers of “aso ofi”

You are an inspired and addicted liar

Who even believes his very own lies

Remaking yourself into the lies you told


Liar! Liar!! To where are you headed?

And with whom are you journeying?

Blessed is the man who never met you

And woe to him who befriends you

For your path is as slippery as your tongue

Leading you to where you belong

The place of judgment and destruction

Toyin Taiwo © 2012

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