Go away. Go away. We have decided you are not real

Neither are you true or to be reckoned with

You are only what we make you to be

You only have whatever life we give to you

When we are not here, you are not here either

We are your God, your life-giver

And all you do is to suck life out of us

But we know that you are not true, neither are you here

You were only here because we decided you were here


Go away from us, very far away from us

To a place we are certain does not exist

A place of whose existence we cannot know

We can no longer endure your indulgences

And your multitude of misdemeanors

Before you give us a bad name among men

We will ensure to give you no name at all

So we lay our hand upon your head today

And proclaim to all that you do not exist


So now that you are gone far away from us

You will no longer be a thorn in our flesh

Neither will you be a pain in our neck

You will be but a point in the line of our past

A part of ancient folktales to be told

We will say that in a way you did exist

But that, in reality, you did not exist

We will rejoice and be merry all of our lives

Because you are gone far away from us

Toyin Taiwo © 2012

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