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  • Afraid


    Lately, I have been afraid and anxious, mostly in relation to work performance and the possibility of falling below expectations. I find it interesting that it took me a while to realize that I am scared – almost as though the feelings were buried beneath my daily routines, bubbling below the surface and affecting my […]

  • Wisdom for Troubled Times

    Wisdom for Troubled Times

    Hello, welcome to my blog! Hope you’re having a great day? Today, I’m sharing thoughts on navigating difficult times, something most of us can relate to. Troubled times can make a fool of anyone. Those who ought to comfort you or help you can easily become unsolicited advisers, sharing with you wisdom that you already […]

  • Follow Me

    Follow Me

    Hello, thanks for stopping by on my blog. 😊 I appreciate your time, and I guarantee you will be blessed as we explore today’s subject together. Have you ever been asked to come along to a place you have not been before? Who asked you? Did they ask nicely or command you to come along? […]

  • Pray For Us

    Pray For Us

    “Pray for us”. These words embody more than just a casual request for prayer. When spoken sincerely, they represent a deep demonstration of desire and a whole body of values captured in three simple words.

  • The Christian’s Modus Operandi (MO)

    The Christian’s Modus Operandi (MO)

    For we live by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7) My son fears being alone in the darkness, but he does not fear darkness. He is unmoved if the lights go off while he is in my arms. He knows Daddy has got him. It is amazing that we as God’s children allow fear […]

  • “Dem OR Dio?”

    The third letter of John (3 John) is one of the shortest books of the Bible. With only 14 verses, it makes for a very quick and easy read. A simple personal letter from the Apostle to a friend, it was written to appreciate and further encourage Gaius’ generosity and hospitality to itinerant teachers of […]

  • Even Great Men Struggle

    Sometimes I wonder how Elijah got to the point of telling God he wanted to die – the point where he felt he was no better than his fathers. He must have felt helpless. That moment of his life was no doubt an unbelievable contradiction. Here was a man who held a whole nation to […]

  • Exert Yourself

    As we run our race, it is important to cultivate the art of exerting ourselves. No one will prosper greatly who does not exert himself in his profession. This statement is especially true of Christians. We must exert ourselves in studying the word of God, every man for himself, and in continuous prayers, every man […]

  • Acceptable Service

    Our service to God is from the spirit, the inner man. The value of our service and sacrifice is not in the time we spend, or the strength we expend, but in the surrender of our hearts to God as we serve. We cannot serve God without total surrender of our person to God – […]

  • Purpose Talk

    My purpose in life is pretty straightforward, and one way to put it is this: to represent God as accurately as possible to my generation. In that regard, I am on a journey of faith, and a work in progress. I say “journey of faith”, because representing God to my generation is a continuous task […]