October – take a bow!

For the umpteenth month this year, I am putting up a blog post on the last day of the month ( I usually target minimum of one per month). This time, it is because of my current status as a student. If you are a student or have recently been one, you probably can relate. October has been a hectic month, as I have gone from one deadline to another each week. I completed four midterm exams and a number of assignments and presentations, each one requiring varying measures of preparations and study, sometimes in a group, sometimes alone.

Being a husband and father is tough to combine with schooling. My children have no business with my schedules, and their needs take no break. Add to that being a friend, mentor, classmate, and other things. I am grateful for a supportive wife. For someone who takes his responsibilities and commitments seriously, I can only go one day at a time. Given the added fact that I learn best when I attend classes, there is considerable pressure on my ability to manage time and priorities. This is one time I seriously envy those who find it easier to study on their own.

Many days, I have to prioritize and re-prioritize as things change during the day. The Eisenhower matrix has become a critical tool as I examine my to-do tasks each day. In terms of a hectic schedule, the worst is behind me, I think. But I am not completely out of the woods yet. With one more paper due this week, and a couple of presentations due during the month, more work lies ahead. But the inviting sights of Reading Week (lecture-free) is enough to keep me grinding. Hopefully, that week can be more meaningful and provide me a chance to get out for some sightseeing before winter sets in.

Speaking of winter, I have been eagerly looking forward to what would be my first sight of snow. Although I have been warned about Canada’s brutal winter (which suggests I shouldn’t be looking forward to winter), I can’t help but imagine experiencing in person what I have only previously seen on screens. We’ll deal with the consequences when winter comes. And I sure am not alone – a number of international students like me are also eagerly waiting, not to speak of my wife and my little boys.

On a final note, today marks the anniversary of the day I seriously started considering leaving my previous job – I would say it was the day on which the decision was made. Everything that happened after Oct 31, 2021 was mostly consultation, with family, friends, and confidants. One year later, I look back and have no doubts or regrets about that decision. It has not paid off yet, neither do things look super-fantastic, but I am confident about this journey of evolution as I pray for divine wisdom to sail through this phase successfully. Thanks for stopping by to read, and have yourself a pleasant November!

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