Saved by Faith

Jesus rose from the dead. He is Lord.

To believe and confess these two statements means that you have been confronted with the truth of the gospel – that you have accepted your need for a Saviour and accepted the Saviour who was offered. It means that you have embraced the sacrifice of Jesus and the reality of God’s power in raising him from the dead.

It also means you believe sin and death have been conquered by this Jesus who is now appointed chief “reconciliator” of all men, seated in the place of power with God in the heavens. Surely if you have believed all of this and confess it with your mouth, there is nothing holding you from being saved – you are free from the hold of sin and death.

For you He died and rose, and you also believe the same, agreeing with him and receiving the object of your faith – the salvation of your soul.

Author: thetoyintaiwo

My name is Oluwatoyin J. Taiwo – a Christian, an Engineer, and a Writer. I enjoy reading, travelling and watching football + lawn tennis. I love working with young people, especially teenagers. I believe that people are shaped by the words they hear or read, and our most important decisions are those we make in the first three decades of life.

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