Hello there! Thanks for coming by. This write- up is part one of a three-part series discussing practical issues around our purpose as children of God. Purpose is a big theme within the Christian faith, and rightfully so. Understanding that each one of us was created by God for a specific reason is an important foundation for every human being, and indeed, every child of God. It is a truth worth stating at every opportunity – that every human being is created by God to fulfill a specific purpose on the earth. Fulfilling our purpose ultimately brings God pleasure and glory.

Purpose is why Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose after three days, so we can have a Father-child relationship with our Creator and experience His grace freely bestowed on us. Purpose is why God permits various circumstances in our lives over which we have no control, including when and where we were born. Purpose will often find expression in many areas of our lives and may include several tasks that God set out for us to accomplish. Our commitment to fulfilling purpose sets us on a path that brings us a joyful heart and peaceful mind.

One of the challenges with living a purposeful life, however, is understanding what our purpose is. We usually do not fully understand upfront all that God expects us to do. We often take a step at a time, leaning on the guidance of His Spirit, following the instructions in His Word, and doing whatever good our hands can find. Over time, we begin to sense what things are important for us to focus on, and our steps are ordered into the very tasks that God has set out for us to accomplish. All of this calls for faithful partnership with our Creator, as we unravel and fulfill our lives’ calling.

Another challenge with fulfilling purpose is the seemingly random nature of our lives and experiences. Sometimes, our experiences may not line up with what we think God wants for us. At other times, things don’t go the way we want them to. Either way, we may play our part well and still struggle with a feeling that our lives are not making any impact. We may feel less useful than other people we know, whose fulfillment of purpose seem easy to pinpoint. This challenge is a pointer to two common mistakes we all make – assessing our purpose by human standards and comparing ourselves with others.

Purpose is defined by God, and most of us may never understand the full impact of our obedience to the tasks that God has called us to. The context of our purpose is within God’s grand plan. Some things may seem insignificant in the present but may become critical to future generations. Other tasks that seem unconnected may require us to have a divine view to see how they are related. We cannot rely on the testimony of men or a good feeling to confirm that we are running a good race. The one who assesses our effectiveness is God, and our obligation is to complete the work he has assigned us to.

Every person has his own place in God’s big plan to save humanity from decay and restore the earth. But understanding our purpose will depend on us keeping our eyes on God, not ourselves. Comparing with others – openly or subtly, consciously or unconsciously – creates a sense of discontent and lack of focus on what God has called us to do. We must ask God for grace to see through His eyes as we obey him daily. We must stay focused on fulfilling the tasks God has directed our hearts to do. Lastly, we must not judge our fulfillment of purpose by the recognition or applause we receive from others. The Judge of our race is God, and no other – not even our feelings!

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      It’s a pleasure sir! Thank you for reading.

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