In the last one month, this blog has hit two major milestones – first a 100 followers and then 10,000 all-time views, all of that in a month of minimal activity. Coming from an unassuming beginning 8 and a half years ago, interspersed with so many weeks and months of inactivity in those years, this means a lot!

To all the precious people behind those hundred accounts and thousands of views, I want to say “Thank you!”. I don’t take it for granted that you came, saw, and read. Some even chose to stay. Others commented and even reposted. It means a lot to know that the words, messages and stories I strive to share are actually being read by others.

The resurgence of this blog in the last one year has been largely due to a blessing in disguise known as COVID-19. Working from home has meant I spend zero time in traffic to and from work, leaving extra minutes each day to write and share my articles and poems. I’m grateful God makes all things work together for my good.

Lest I forget to mention, I have also made real-life friendships from trading views and comments on each other’s blogs – something for which I am grateful. There is so much more ahead, and I cannot see it all. But I march on with faith and hope, knowing God is faithful and He has great plans for me.

To everyone reading this, I hope you had a great month of May behind you. But whether or not you did, I pray you have a fantastic month ahead in June 2021, one filled with divine direction and answers to prayers that bring joy to your heart and laughter to your faces. Stay joyful!

2 responses to “Cheers to 100, and to 10000!”

  1. joyceebere Avatar

    Yay! Huge congrats to the best writer I know

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