He Never Forgets

The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.
Genesis 40:23 NIV

Sometimes, we hope that people will help us – some whom we have even been of help to and cared for in the past. But people often forget. In times of abundance and prosperity, people may forget those who helped them or those they themselves should help. To depend on humans is often like leaning on a broken staff; our dependence should only be on God.

The next time the chief cupbearer would remember Joseph was again in time of crisis; when Pharaoh had a dream no one else could interpret. Glory to the God of the heavens who never left Joseph or forsook him! It was He who orchestrated the circumstances for Joseph’s deliverance, in His own appointed time. Men may forget to favour us, but our God never forgets.


6 responses to “He Never Forgets”

  1. Thank you for penning this, sir. It’s really instructive and comforting at the same time. God never forgets us and He will orchestrate events for our deliverance.

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