God often takes action in pursuit of one soul. He would turn a nation inside out and stir the hearts of many preachers, leading them over mountains and into valleys, just to save one soul. He would overturn the laws of nature and break the protocols of men to make a point to one man or woman. Such is the tenacious nature of God’s love – unfailing, undistracted, unmoved by human whims and caprices. Come see our God, who places a great value on the human soul – he is the One who never leaves the one behind.

4 responses to “The One”

  1. Oge Akinshola Avatar
    Oge Akinshola

    We serve a faithful God that is so consistent and committed to us

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Always faithful! True words sir – He never gives up on us.

  2. Iwayemi Avatar

    The One who for the sake of saving the world sacrificed His Only begotten Son. He is the God we call upon.

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      Amen! He gave the greatest sacrifice of all to redeem us from sin. This is our God!

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