To The Immortal One

To the Immortal One
Who dwells in light unapproachable
We bring our praise

To the Invisible One
Whose throne is founded on justice and righteousness
We lift our hearts

To the Unchangeable One
Before whom darkness is plain as light
We raise our hands

To the Blameless One
Whose holy eyes cannot behold iniquity
We bow our knees

To the Eternal One
Who holds all of creation to account
Our tongues confess

To the King,
Who was, and is, and still is to come
We proclaim that you are God!

Toyin Taiwo, Aug 2020

6 responses to “To The Immortal One”

  1. Iwayemi Avatar

    To the King of Glory, who reigns forever in Mount Zion — joy of the whole earth, praise and adoration to His Holy name….

  2. david o. alabi Avatar

    Glory to the Immortal One!

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      He reigns forever! Halleluyah!!!

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