Welcome to my blog, and it’s poetry time! I hope you enjoy this piece below. The title says it all, and I’ll give nothing else away. Please like and share with others, and I’m always happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Cheers!

Little boy, Little boy

Little boy runs away from me
Sprinting with tiny baby feet
He wants to play hide and seek
Or just maybe run and catch
Apart from running all day long
All he does is eat and sleep

Little boy just wants to play

And run about in circles lot
With shiny teeth for all to see
You can hear his giggly sound
Slowly become a scary scream
Though he is still in playful mode

Little boy likes to dance
When he hears a tune or song
Or the tooting of a toy
But nothing beats the feeling of
Being the one to make the sound
With a touch or with his voice

Little boy wants to go outdoors
And explore the world around
To kick a ball and play with sand
And splash a puddle with feet
Or play with other little boys
Just running around, around

Little boy always wants to put
His tiny fingers in his mouth
Not caring where they have been
Nor the danger they could bring
But he likes to wash his hands
For then he’ll play with water much

Little boy wants to repeat
Everything that Daddy does
Whether eating with a spoon
Or boiling water for some tea
So you must keep an eye on him
Lest he comes to hurt or harm

Little boy has no cares or fears
No worries, plans or concerns
If we were more like little boys
Then we would stress a little less
And maybe live a happier life
Just as little boy lives each day


Toyin Taiwo, 2020

4 responses to “Little Boy”

  1. joyceebere Avatar

    This sounds like my little boy

    1. radicaltoyin Avatar

      How interesting! Maybe all little boys are just like that 😁

  2. OlaOwolabi Avatar

    There is still that teeny-tiny of that ‘little boy’ in most men. Probably, covered up so deep 😉

    Great piece here T^2. Merci beaucoup!

    1. thetoyintaiwo Avatar

      I wouldn’t argue that at all. Thank you for stopping by!

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