What is this life?


A grasp for meaning

A hustle for relevance

A struggle for permanence

Lest you become forgotten

As quickly as you are gone


Yet no one is truly forgotten

Even as some are never forgotten

For all are remembered by some,

And some are remembered by all,

Through stories committed to books


The young want to be old

The old would rather be young

But it is those just coming of age

Who, most fascinating among all

Wish to remain the same forever


Forget me not, in the land of the forgetful

Where stories and songs are ever fleeting

And stars fade as soon as they arise

Where sunset fades quickly into the dark

And daylight disappears soon as it comes


Truly, every man is born for trouble

As surely as the fire sparks will fly

Yet he will race all his transient life

To make meaning of the nothingness

In hope that he will find something:


An answer for the meaning of life.

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