Written by Toyin Taiwo

Between the reticence of a phlegmatic,

And the bluntness of a choleric,

There you will find me.

My name is Judah – the crouching lion.

Teeth drenched in blood, I roar in my anger

Having just returned from devouring the prey

I fear no trouble; I regard no creature

The world is a jungle; the jungle is my home

I was born to rule and reign; I know no limitation

Eyes red as blood, teeth white as milk

I dwell and roam in the choicest of places

I’ve become a terror to those who don’t know me

In my hunger, I call out to my God

Faster than lightning, he answers my call

And shows me a prey, I must set out to devour

Swiftly I arise, without a delay

I pursue my prey, and surely overtake

My meal is assured, for my God does provide

And through every season

I always prevail, and cannot be defeated

Because my name is Judah, and I am the crouching lion

Toyin Taiwo (c) 2015

P.S. You may want to read Genesis 49:8-12, and Psalms 104:21,27. That’s where most of this piece comes from. Cheers!

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