From the first moment I learnt what an Haiku was, I totally fell in love with this form of poetry. The requirement for precision, and a deft reference to differing or conflicting ideas is for me a very interesting and challenging exercise. And being a lover of nature, I enjoy making observations about the environment, human behaviour or experiences using a simple but beautiful form of art. So, I will be sharing with you below three Haikus I wrote, just for the love of Haiku, and an extra one written by a friend – it’s actually still my best Haiku so far. Enjoy!


The pillar holds forth

Amidst the noise and rumble

Of a thundercloud


It beats me like rain

How the wicked man prospers

While good men bear pain


Dry wind passes by

Carrying with it cold and dust

In the harmattan


And for the extra one below, written by Adaobi Chukwudi, you can thank me later. 🙂


A baby laughing

Red Maple in its splendour

Makes life worth living.


Enjoy your weekend!!!

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