Born with a Silver Spoon

I was born in a time of plenty

Where the poor had enough

To eat and throw away

And the rich had it rough

With too much to store away

Obianuju: that is my name

I was born in a land of plenty

Where silver and gold

Were as common as sand

And tales of riches untold

Were widespread all around

Olaitan: that is my name

I was born to come ‘chop’

Deserve only the best in life

Obiageli: that is my name

I will court no pauper

Will befriend no ‘struggler’

And will marry no ‘waiter’

Born with a silver spoon

My wealth knows no end

Seasons may change

But I will never be poor

Never will I part ways

With wealth and luxury

Neither will I set eyes

On the shadow of penury

I must live and die

In the place of abundance

And will rather be dead

Than face lack like a prey

Toyin Taiwo © 2015

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