There at McGregor, out on the parade ground

You can see afar, for a hundred miles around

The town of Afikpo looms in the distance

Beckoning to you, who looks at it askance


Between the both of you, staring but unseen

Are the ageless hills, looking lush and green

They are undulating, gentle as a river

Beckoning at you, calling you to come closer


Away from McGregor, as you go to the North

Abakaliki calls, calling you to come forth

Its busy shops await you, to buy their many wares

The motorbikes are waiting, to charge expensive fares


On your way to the North, Ezza will wave at you

Wishing that you will come, to see its people too

Its many clans and houses, have empty rooms aplenty

If only you’ll be willing, you’ll live and bask in plenty


But wherever you choose, to stay in Ebonyi state

Then choose to not forget, not by an act of fate

Those ancient rolling hills, which you see at McGregor

As I am well convinced, that is what you are there for

Toyin Taiwo © 2012

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