When evening shadows grow pale

And the noise of the day’s hustle fades into a hum

When darkness decends over the busy city

And devout men in various attires

Head in response to houses of prayer

I sit in meditation of Your awesome wonder

Wondering if you are listening to my heart


Broke and broken, harassed and shaken

By colleagues and bosses, malicious and vicious

You wonder if your voice might be heard

If a place was reserved for you in His courts

Then you might plead your own cause

As bright stars fill up the moon-lit sky

And the scent of your prayers rise up high


I heard Your voice in the temple on holy day

When the saints gathered in Your presence

Your voice was as the sound of many waters

Though what I hear now is both still and small

And I cannot but wonder if that will be all

Wonder. Such a wonder You are in Your ways

Ageless and unchanging, You are full of many days

Toyin Taiwo © 2016