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  • A Woman’s World: Thoughts on Feminism

    A Woman’s World: Thoughts on Feminism

    Feminism is an extremely important subject in today’s world, one that draws as much ire as it draws adulation. Millions of people around the world are daily drawn into conversations around feminism, and the ever-increasing number of social media outlets makes this even more pronounced. Ordinary people from around the world can make meaningful contributions […]

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Deity (A Satire)

    Deity, oh Deity! Deity drank whiskey Deity loved to drink whiskey We also heard, that he was a whizkid Once upon a time, Deity got a tattoo And everywhere, there was hullabaloo He also loved women, had them so many They filled his shrine, ‘specially if it was rainy Deity joked on us, very cruel […]