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  • Moving Forward

    Moving Forward

    2022 has been a year of great changes for me, and July has been a climax to those changes. I am still in transition, and hopefully, as I settle down into a new routine, I can find more time to tell my stories and explore the thought processes that have underlined the big decisions I […]

  • A Tale of Time

    A Tale of Time

    The sweet chiming of bells; slow passage of timeCackling of chickens and chirping of cricketsRemind me of the future we once dreamt aboutThe story of my life: a true motion pictureFar more to tell than that which meets the eyesMuch harder to sell in cold weather than iceHold your thoughts: this is a commercial break […]

  • The Unusual Poem

    Let us write a poem, you and I One that adheres to no rules That behaves like no other poem You have ever come across It will trace the path that we walk And tell the stories of our lives To generations yet unborn This poem of ours will not be read Only its story […]