“Welcome home. You will stay now, won’t you?

While you were away I hardly slept

Countless were the vigils I sorely kept

Now that you are home, I pray you will stay”

“While I crossed the sea I was thinking of you

Deep, wide and endless, matched by no other

Akin to your love, unsurpassed by another

But still I cannot say if I really will stay”

“When I close my eyes I dream only of you

Standing like a tower that never can fall

To be with you I long for, far above all

But I only wonder if you still will stay”

“I never dreamt of anything apart from you

Wondering if and when I’ll return to my home

And set my foot on its friendly ground of loam

Never again to wander but always to stay”

“If you so desire, then do what is in you

We will live and work and do all things together

And then build a home that will last forever

But then you must promise me that you will stay”

“It would be my pleasure to promise to you

Never again to leave the shores of our land

But if life should lead me beyond where I stand

I’ll be unable to keep my promise to stay”

Toyin Taiwo © 2012