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  • He Never Forgets

    He Never Forgets

    The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.Genesis 40:23 NIV Sometimes, we hope that people will help us – some whom we have even been of help to and cared for in the past. But people often forget. In times of abundance and prosperity, people may forget those who helped them or […]

  • A Song for Me

    A Song for Me

    Dedicate a song to me In the day of your victory Because I was there for you Through the night Fists tightly clenched in dread Sweat dripping from your head

  • Remember me

    Remember me When your days are full of joy Or careless friends do annoy When you have enough to eat Or all you have is a grain of wheat No matter what your circumstance Remember me, my friend, remember me!