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  • Day 3: The Friend #28DayChallenge

    Day 3: The Friend #28DayChallenge

    Thanks for coming by today! This is Day 3 of my 28-Day writing challenge. Today, I want to talk a bit about friendships. I’ve enjoyed great friendships through the years, and I believe that is the product of divine blessing and a mutual commitment to one another’s growth that my friends and I possess. I […]

  • Follow the Leader: Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus

    Follow the Leader: Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus

    Hello, friend! Welcome to part two of this series on fulfilling purpose. If you have not, you can read part one here. What I intend to emphasize here is simple – the only way to surely fulfill purpose is to follow the leader, Jesus Christ. The Bible variously commends the Lord Jesus as the “author […]

  • Loved


    In my lifetime, I have been loved. I have been loved by men and women of all shapes and sizes, Ages and stages, features and statures, Some of who gave their substance while others gave their time. They paid attention to my nonsense while listening for virtue. They saw wisdom in foolishness, and perceived gold […]

  • Where did it go?

    Where did it go? The spark in our eyes As we went on the rise Climbing fast to the top Without time for a stop The glow on our faces The warmth of embraces Our loud-ringing laughter And never-ending banter When we just fell in love And the moon smiled above The sparkle in your […]