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  • Haiku


    I first read about Haiku (a short form of Japanese poetry) a few years ago and became fascinated with that style of poetry. I spent a good deal of time trying it on and even encouraged a few friends to try their hands on it – the outcomes were quite encouraging. I have recently tried […]

  • Urban Struggles

    Urban Struggles

    Failed ventures; broken dreams A lively city bursting at its very seams As many mingle sweat and tears Midday darkness crawls o’er your fears Tho’ at night you nearly fall apart Yet by morn never failing to look the part The day dawns: “March on, my heart”

  • Origins

    Hello there! If you don’t know much else about me, you should know I am a Christian, an engineering graduate, and I love to write poetry. So I have been thinking of ways to tell some stories, and I decided to tell a bit of story in verse. This one is titled “Origins”, a piece […]

  • Hope

    Written by Joy Ijere For over thirty weeks and six When the food turns bitter-sweet And all the clothes no longer fit She bears the pain and counts the weeks Through the cold, through the heat She knows for sure where it will lead For little hands and little feet Soon from her will be […]

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration The beast just visited me It wore a hood And spoke in hushed tones Seemed in a bit of a hurry Told me to gather my belongings And leave   I ignored it And rolled over on my bed Not even sure how I heard it It spoke a strange language After muttering for […]