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  • Day 27: Ibukunoluwa #28DayChallenge

    Day 27: Ibukunoluwa #28DayChallenge

    Today’s post is for my second son, Samuel Ibukunoluwa. Almost two years ago, I wrote and posted a poem for my first son, Lemuel Ayomide, who was a little over a year old at the time. You can read it here. Now I have written one for Samuel who turns 1 in a few days […]

  • Ayomide


    Hello! Hope you are keeping well, and doing everything to stay safe in this COVID-19 era? I pray that you and yours will continue to remain in good health and prosper. We all have something or someone to be thankful to God for, and it is always is a great idea to celebrate those people

  • The Unusual Poem

    Let us write a poem, you and I One that adheres to no rules That behaves like no other poem You have ever come across It will trace the path that we walk And tell the stories of our lives To generations yet unborn This poem of ours will not be read Only its story […]

  • I Am

    I am a poem, of untold origin I am a cat, of nine lives I am a fire, of raging passion I am a city, of mixed multitudes I am a farm, of bountiful produce I am a river, of many journeys Carrying the story of several lands and peoples   I am the wind, […]