The Unusual Poem

Let us write a poem, you and I

One that adheres to no rules

That behaves like no other poem

You have ever come across

It will trace the path that we walk

And tell the stories of our lives

To generations yet unborn

This poem of ours will not be read

Only its story will be told

It will become the stuff of myths:

The poem that never was read,

That never could be read

That even re-wrote itself

It will change its form

Every time we meet to write

It will never have a form

It will never have a name:

Only its story will be told

Toyin Taiwo © 2015

I Am

I am a poem, of untold origin

I am a cat, of nine lives

I am a fire, of raging passion

I am a city, of mixed multitudes

I am a farm, of bountiful produce

I am a river, of many journeys

Carrying the story of several lands and peoples


I am the wind, of unknown destination

I am the word, of a king in power

I am the winter, of cold and darkness

I am the wealth, of men in honour

I am the face, of a lovely damsel

I am the shoulder, of a man of strength

Bearing his burdens in due time and season


I am your God, of invisible presence

I am your image, of exact features

I am your friend, of unswerving devotion

I am your future, of unknown nature

I am your thoughts, of shifting focus

I am your past, of memorial presence

Holding the power to live in your present

Toyin Taiwo © 2012