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  • Day 17: Following God into the Future #28DayChallenge

    Day 17: Following God into the Future #28DayChallenge

    The future: that imaginary place where all our problems are solved and our dreams are fulfilled. The younger we are, the more excited we are about the future. It holds so much promise and possibility that we can barely wait to get there. We make plans and write lists and take steps to get to […]

  • The Poet’s Song

    The Poet’s Song

    In the midst of affluence: poverty A seething storm threatening to destroy The stable comfort of the wealthy

  • Peace


    “Stormy days and troubled nights are borneOnly by souls secured on an anchor eternalUnafraid, unshaken, and surely not dismayedThey ride the storms, sleep through the nights Darkness brings doubt, and shakings cause fearWhile some run around, others simply melt awayBut he who trusts the Lord is like Zion, unmovingSupported underneath by the Everlasting Arms”